Cost of Attendance

The cost of attendance for Graduate Students enrolled in degree or special programs of study at MIT consists of both direct costs (basic academic fees; legally required medical insurance) as well as typical estimated living expenses. Like other major cities across the US, the cost of living in Cambridge and the Greater Boston area is high and it is important to anticipate indirect costs. Living expenses vary based on each student’s personal circumstances including but not limited to whether you share a living space with a roommate; whether you support a partner or children; and/or your tax liabilities.

Tuition, fees, and living expense estimates increase annually, so keep this in mind if you are in a multi-year program. 

Standard Graduate Student Cost of Attendance (2022-2023)

The cost of attendance figure is a standard figure used to process applications for financial aid and educational loans. Your actual living expenses may be more or less depending on your lifestyle, the size of your household, and other personal details and choices you make. Many of our students find they are able to spend less than the below estimate. We have worked with the Graduate Student Council (GSC) to provide budget examples of different student situations to help students understand possible costs. These detailed and practical examples of estimated student budgets can be found here

If your actual expenses are significantly higher than the below estimates, you can submit documentation of your costs to Student Financial Services; they may be able to adjust your budget and increase your loan eligibility.

Tuition and Fees 12 Month, Single Student

Standard Tuition Academic year(Fall and Spring terms)

MIT Student Medical Plan Cost Included in Tuition
MIT Student Extended Health Insurance**   $3,089
Student Life fee  $396
Indirect Expenses  Estimated
Housing $22,800
Books and Supplies $1,344
Food $9,036
Transportation $3,276
Personal*** $9,024
TOTAL Indirect Expenses $45,480
TOTAL  $106,555


*Graduate programs in the Sloan School of Management have their own tuition rates and expenses, and certain other graduate programs at MIT also employ “non-standard” tuition. Special students and visiting students should refer to the tuition and fee information specific to them.Visit the Registrar site for Schedule of Fee Details, and tuition for Special Programs. 

**If you have a Fellowship, Research or Teaching Assistant appointment, MIT will pay for your tuition and the student health insurance premium.  If you have a family, you will need to pay the extended MIT Student Insurance premium for your spouse or partner and any dependents.

*** Includes indirect costs such as clothes, laundry, entertainment, and other expenses you may incur.