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August workshop application deadline August 16
JUL 2019
Grad Blog Editorial

Hi MIT Grads!

The MIT Graduate Admissions Blog is excited to announce its upcoming August workshop on blog writing. In brief,

  • Attend a 2-day blogging workshop: August 26th and August 29th, 10am-12pm.
  • Write two blog pieces
  • Earn $200 upon completion of posts
  • Continue writing for the blog and earn $100 per piece
  • Your work will be eligible for publication on the blog (check it out!)

If you are a current MIT graduate student and would like to participate, fill out this application by August 16th. You must be available for both sessions.

This hands-on workshop will train you how to write an enticing blog post, with individualized feedback from communication staff from across the institute. The workshop will help MIT grads develop content for the Graduate Admissions Blog, in order to provide prospective students with diverse perspectives on what being a student here is like (in the lab and beyond!).

Join our growing community of active bloggers!


The MIT Grad Blog Editors