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To Separate or To Engage?

Reflections during my country’s great war against the coronavirus epidemic

MAR 2020
Operations Research Center
In China, each year begins twice. First on January 1 and once again on the traditional Lunar New Year (this year’s date: January 25, 2020). The days in between the two New Years are a somewhat peculiar time – though New Year has dawned in other places of the world, in China, students are taking...

“Deity’s Book Collection” Twenty Minutes Away

Rediscovering my cultural identity at Harvard-Yenching Library

FEB 2020
Operations Research Center
Deity’s Book Collection Overseas 「海外嫏嬛」 Façade of the Harvard-Yenching Institute On a bright and crisp morning in late April 2019, when I first set foot into the warm Harvard-Yenching (哈佛燕京) library, it was as if I finally returned home...

A Home Away from Home

The Genesis of MIT Chinese Music Ensemble

Nov 2019
Operations Research Center
Prologue   When I first came to MIT, I planned to work, but not much else. Certainly no time to play Gu-zheng – the Chinese zither. There are simply too many things to learn, to explore. But, from time to time, I was possessed by a lingering anxiety – an integral part of my voice was left silent,...