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Continued Community in the Era of Social Distancing

Rainbows among the storm clouds

APR 2020
Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology
Coronavirus has drastically changed our daily lives as MIT students. In the span of a week, we have gone from attending regularly scheduled classes and happily discussing spring break plans to an almost vacant campus. My heart goes out in sadness to the senior undergraduate students who never got...

How to Cordially Interrogate Graduate Students

The art of finding a lab

MAR 2020
Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology
This semester, I have had a ton of practice interrogating graduate students. During orientation, I was immediately given the task of rotating in various labs to find my lab home. Our advisors instructed us to reach out to professors who caught our interest, find out if they are looking for PhD...

The Paradox of Choice:

Too many flavors at the ice cream store

Nov 2019
Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology
I am a brand-new Ph.D. student and I have already figured out my least favorite part about MIT: the overwhelming number of choices. As I am enrolled as a student in the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology Medical Engineering Ph.D. program, the situation is even more intense. I can take...

Starting Graduate School on the Right Foot

A PhD student’s guide to running in Boston

OCT 2019
Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology
On the snowy February morning before my MIT graduate school interview, I rolled out of bed, bundled up and went for a run along the Charles River path. As a former Division One cross country and track athlete, I have been running almost daily for almost a decade. The picturesque scene of a light...