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To visit or not to visit?

Awkward COVID family decisions

Nov 2021
Nuclear Science and Engineering
The public health orders are clear: Stay. At. Home. Your mom’s voicemail is also clear: Visit. Me. Now. My family managed two fun and relaxing visits during the height of the pandemic. We weighed the risks, took precautions, and enjoyed some quality time. Let’s be 100% clear: it was risky every...

Trying and failing to buy a house

Why can’t grad students get a mortgage?

Sept 2021
Nuclear Science and Engineering
We did everything right. My husband and I had excellent credit, did not have debt, and we always paid off our credit cards. We had plenty of money in our savings account. We attended financial seminars and learned all the steps involved in buying a house. And yet, when we tried to buy a small,...

Miss to Mrs. to Dr.

How to plan a wedding in grad school

July 2021
Nuclear Science and Engineering
Congratulations! You’re engaged! Unfortunately, you’re a graduate student. People get married in all kinds of circumstances, but the graduate experience is unique, and you probably find yourself strapped for cash, time, and energy. I’m here to show you that it is possible to have a beautiful...

Second time’s the charm

Finally at MIT after an undergraduate rejection

June 2021
Nuclear Science and Engineering
I remember driving down Massachusetts Avenue with my mom when I was 16. We were in New England on a family vacation, so she arranged a campus visit at MIT for me since I was trying to decide which colleges I should apply to. It was a beautiful July day. We had a meeting with an undergraduate...

Join today, plan for tomorrow

Why you should join your professional society

March 2021
Nuclear Science and Engineering
Whether it’s IEEE, ASME, AIChE, APS, or a different acronym, you are probably familiar with your field’s specific professional society. I became a member of the American Nuclear Society (ANS) as a college freshman in 2013. Eight years later, serving on the ANS board of directors and working toward...