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On Grieving from a Distance

Learning to speak the language of loss

Sept 2021
Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology
“Can you make a short video for 爷爷? Just a few lines to cheer him up.” I received this text from my mother on the evening of October 12, 2020.  My paternal grandpa (爷爷, pronounced “...

Ode to Crosswords

Are you down for a cross?

Sept 2020
Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology
(If you are interested in listening along to me reading the poem aloud, click here)   Eighteen across, “Ponzi scheme”: fraud. Twenty-four down, “Heap kudos on”: laud.   “Opening word”, “Deli stock seed”, Two...

A Week in the Life: Food Edition

Building community by breaking bread

MAR 2020
Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology
I love to cook. I picked up most of my culinary know-how during my junior year of college, through a combination of YouTube videos and scrappily assembled family recipes. That year, my housemates and I would go shopping together every weekend and designate one day a week for each of us to cook a...

An Open Letter to My Future Self

Thoughts from my last first day of school

SEP 2019
Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology
Dear future Ming, The date is August 26, 2019 - today is your/my/our first day at MIT. When you next read this after/if you graduate, it may well be the year 2025. How’s life at 27 treating you? In the year 2025, your younger brothers, currently high school freshmen, will be halfway done with...