MIT Graduate Admissions is a decentralized network of departments that extends across all five academic schools and includes 46 departmental programs. Each of these programs has an online application with a specific set of requirements and deadlines. 

To begin the application process, select one of the 46 departmental programs, and click the link to "Apply Here".

The MIT application process is dominated by two application platforms. The MIT Sloan School of Management has one unified online portal that services both master- and doctoral-level management programs. Other programs at MIT—including all departments in the sciences, engineering, humanities, architecture, and urban studies and planning —utilize an online application system referred to as “GradApply.” 

The GradApply online application system is unlike any other graduate application system, largely because we built it. In the spirit of true MIT innovation, we developed our own online application system to meet the demands of all our graduate programs. By creating our own application system, we efficiently streamlined the application process in the hope of providing prospective students with the best possible experience.


No two departments at MIT are exactly alike; as such, there is no single application deadline or review period that fits all departments. However, there are general timeframes that most departments follow, with the exception of fields related to business and management. 

  • September – Online applications become available
  • December/January – Deadlines to submit application approach
  • January/February/March – Departments review applications, conduct interviews as needed, and make application decisions
  • April 15 – Reply deadline utilized by all departments that offer financial support in coordination with the Council of Graduate Schools April 15 Resolution