Program in Polymers and Soft Matter

77 Massachusetts Avenue
Building 76-253




Application Opens: 

September 15


December 15



Terms of Enrollment: 

Fall Term (September)


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Standardized Tests: 

Test score requirements are set by the home department.

Areas of Research: 

Biomimetic Materials
Controlled Drug Delivery
Functional Polymers
Molecular Modeling
Nanostructured Polymers
Polymer Mechanics and Rheology
Polymer Physics
Polymers at Interfaces
Polymers in Energy
Polymer Synthesis

Application Requirements: 

Online application to one of five affiliated departments
One-page letter of notification to PPSM

Special Instructions: 

Applications to the Program in Polymers and Soft Matter should be made in conjunction with an application to a departmental program in the School of Science or School of Engineering at MIT (the “Home” department). Applications should specify the departmental program of the application and “PPSM” or “Program in Polymers and Soft Matter” as the interdisciplinary program of study. Online applications are available in each of the following departments:

Admission to the departmental program is a prerequisite for further consideration by PPSM; once the candidate has been accepted to a department, his or her application will be forwarded by that department to the PPSM office for consideration.

Applicants are required to complete Subjects Taken section of the online application. Please complete the section for courses most relevant to the graduate program and the additional courses section. Group courses by subject area, and complete each column.