Blogs: Why I Came

Why Choose MIT?

The reasons I came to MIT, and the reasons I'm glad I stayed

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
When asked the entitled question ("Why Choose MIT?"), especially by prospective students whom I haven’t gotten to know well personally, I’m often at loss as to how to respond. The follow-up question that I’ve always secretly wanted to ask back is this: When your initial reasons for going to MIT are...

To MIT with Love

On the value of pursuing your dreams

“… you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future…” It was a rainy monsoon evening of August, almost a year after my first visit as a tourist to MIT. I had decided to finally go meet (read as: go on blind date) with the guy chosen by my parents. In India, turning 26 is a...

Why Study Anything but Engineering?

Benefits of studying in the MIT environment

Leaders for Global Operations
Why study anything BUT engineering at MIT? In my case, why study Supply Chain Management and Operations? MIT is Infinite MIT offers cutting-edge research opportunities and access to infinite resources and some of the world’s best professors. For instance, the university has one of three domestic...