Blogs: That's So MIT

Returning to MIT

by Katherine S.
Materials Science and Engineering
I came back to MIT as a graduate student more in spite of my time as an undergraduate here than because of it. And I’m so glad that I did. Now, don’t get me wrong. My hesitation wasn’t because my undergraduate experience wasn’t amazing. It was. I loved my first time at MIT, and would definitely...

The Case for Quantum Morality

by Daniel G.
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
I should start by saying that everything that I'm about to write may or may not be completely bogus. Still, I haven't convinced myself that it's not bogus, so I guess I'll share it anyway.   I want to make the claim that our understanding of physics should influence our ethical decisions. To ease...

Overheard at MIT

by Daniel S.
Sloan School of Management
What if you could be a fly on the wall in the place where some of the most important things were invented? Arriving to MIT Sloan as an MBA student, I was determined to be involved as much as I could in the MIT ecosystem and the Boston entrepreneurship scene. This enabled me to hear some magnificent...

So What Do YOU Think?

by Shaheen T.
System Design and Management
The 10-day orientation boot camp for my degree program was over. My future classmates and I were wrapping up the camp with a barbeque party on the MIT sailing pavilion alongside the beautiful Charles River on a windy evening. The sight was magnificent – in the west I could see the sunset amid the...

Why Study Anything but Engineering?

by Jeff B.
Leaders for Global Operations
Why study anything BUT engineering at MIT? In my case, why study Supply Chain Management and Operations? MIT is Infinite MIT offers cutting-edge research opportunities and access to infinite resources and some of the world’s best professors. For instance, the university has one of three domestic...