Winter Is Coming

by Brandon S.
Nuclear Science and Engineering
"California native picks MIT for the beautiful Boston weather.” This is a headline that you will never see in an MIT advertising brochure. Whenever I go back home to visit family in sunny SoCal, the most common reaction I get from people when I tell them I go to school here is, “Ooooh, so you live...

So What Do YOU Think?

by Shaheen T.
System Design and Management
The 10-day orientation boot camp for my degree program was over. My future classmates and I were wrapping up the camp with a barbeque party on the MIT sailing pavilion alongside the beautiful Charles River on a windy evening. The sight was magnificent – in the west I could see the sunset amid the...

Did You Walk from Korea?

by Jaehwan K.
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Arriving in from the sweltering heat of a typical Korean summer, the crisp cool weather and matching blue sky which Boston greeted me with was the perfect weather for my start as a new graduate student. And as a graduate student should be, I decided to be frugal and take the T (subway of the...

To MIT with Love

by Dishita T.
“… you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future…” It was a rainy monsoon evening of August, almost a year after my first visit as a tourist to MIT. I had decided to finally go meet (read as: go on blind date) with the guy chosen by my parents. In India, turning 26 is a...

Why Study Anything but Engineering?

by Jeff B.
Leaders for Global Operations
Why study anything BUT engineering at MIT? In my case, why study Supply Chain Management and Operations? MIT is Infinite MIT offers cutting-edge research opportunities and access to infinite resources and some of the world’s best professors. For instance, the university has one of three domestic...

How Can I Keep from Singing?

by German P.
Chemical Engineering
For me there is nothing more sublime than sharing one’s voice with fellow singers and creating beautiful chords and melodies. Singing has been among my favorite activities to take my mind off engineering and sequential thinking, and to explore my emotional and creative sides. I have been singing...

New Year's (Un)Resolutions

by Bianca D.
Media Arts and Sciences
In 2016, I made 18 New Year's resolutions (all of which I considered to be achievable. No comment here on how well I did with that particular challenge). For 2017, I’m sticking with five. Perhaps, though, they are better represented as (un)resolutions, as my core principle for this year is doing...

Not Just a Grad Student

by Alicia E.
Nuclear Science and Engineering
From the day I moved to MIT, I worried about whether I belonged here. Was I smart enough? Would I be able to handle the intense, rigorous workload? Would I be able to balance my work with my life, and take care of my physical, mental, and emotional health? Why did my department’s admissions...