Incoming Student Resources

Welcome to MIT

We are excited that you are about to join the MIT community. To help you navigate your way to Cambridge, we have put together a helpful list of resources. To accept, decline, or defer your admission offer please download the MIT Graduate Admissions Reply Form and return it directly to your department.

Due to the ongoing risk of transmission of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), admitted student events will be conducted in a virtual format only for the safety of all. We advise all students to contact their department for next steps as they prepare to arrive on campus. 

A full list of programs and department contact information is listed here. For all other admissions questions or concerns, please contact Graduate Admissions at or 617-324-6730.

We look forward to welcoming you to campus!

Graduate Orientation

Graduate orientation events take place for several weeks in late August and early September. Each year, events are coordinated by the Graduate Student Council (GSC) and posted to their website at

Accounts, Certificates & ID Cards

Departments will notify incoming students once they are eligible to create an MIT Kerberos email account. Further instructions about creating an account can be found online at

At MIT, installed web browser certificates as well as two-factor authentication called Duo are required to access all secure websites. Immediately after you have created your MIT Kerberos account, you should register for Duo. After you have registered for Duo, you will be able to install browser certificates that will grant you access to many secure sites, such as Housing. Further information about each of these steps, can be found at

Incoming Graduate students must meet certain eligibility requirements, such as completing proper medical forms and meeting immigration requirements, in order to receive an MIT ID card. If these eligibility requirements have been met, incoming graduate students should visit the MIT Card Office in the Atlas Service Center (E17-106) to receive an MIT ID card. You will need to present a valid picture ID (a driver’s license, passport, etc.) when requesting an MIT ID card. For more information, please visit the MIT Card Services website at

International Student Immigration Information

Incoming international students are required to complete several immigrations requirements.  All immigration related documents are handled by the International Students Office and further information for new students can be found on the Getting Started webpage.

Health Insurance and Medical Services

MIT requires that incoming students submit a medical history and document immunity against certain infectious diseases. Medical Report Forms need to be submitted before registering for classes and can be found online at

All students must have health insurance that meets the requirements for the Massachusetts Qualified Student Health Insurance Plan (QSHIP). Students with J-1 visas under MIT visa sponsorship must have insurance that also meets United States Department of State regulations for themselves and their spouses and children who accompany them.

MIT Medical offers a single, centralized source for all your healthcare needs, including comprehensive health insurance and care and treatment at our own medical centers. For more information about requirements and deadlines, please visit the MIT Medical website at

Housing Services

Graduate students at MIT are entering a tight housing market whether they are looking for accommodations on campus or in the surrounding Boston-Cambridge area. Many new students, single and partnered, find apartments off campus, both nearby and in the outer suburbs, where there is greater variety and availability. The Housing Office helps students navigate the off-campus housing search process by using online tools, which are available at In addition, MIT gives preference to new students when assigning on-campus housing. Most entering single students requesting on-campus housing can be accommodated; family housing, however, is limited. Detailed housing information and application forms are available online through the Housing Office website at

Sexual Assault Prevention

MIT is committed to working with all students to create a healthy and vibrant campus community. One aspect of this effort is to confront the important topics of sexual assault, harassment and relationship violence. MIT offers a Sexual Assault Prevention (SAP-Graduate) course customized to meet the needs of graduate students. It allows you to become familiar with MIT policies and resources while also providing training on critical prevention skills and strategies.

All students, faculty and staff at MIT are required to complete this training. Instructions for the course may be found at online. For more information about preventing and addressing gender-based discrimination, please visit the MIT Title IX & Bias Response Office site.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

MIT is committed to advancing a respectful and caring community that embraces diversity, equity and inclusion and empowers everyone to learn and do their best. MIT embraces a welcoming and inclusive campus culture - and building that culture is our responsibility as members of the MIT community. MIT offers a Students: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion online training that starts with common understanding of terms, learning to identify unconscious bias, and knowing what resources we have available at MIT.

This course is required for all new, incoming graduate students and optional for continuing graduate students. Read instructions for the online course.

For more information about addressing issues of diversity, equity and inclusion, please see the resources provided by the Institute Community and Equity Office (ICEO) site.